Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuning the gyrator3

The gyrator board has 3 variable resistors:
  R3 for tuning the frontend
  R6 for setting the gain
  R16 for zeroing the output
  R21 to set the range for the frontpanel meter
  R22 to set the range for the A/D

The procedure I used was:
 - set R16 to zero the meter and A/D
 - center the R3 and R6
 - adjust R3 for max signal.
 - adjust R21 so meter is mid scale. I may need a bigger value for R21 as the meter is offscale.
 - tweak R6 for max. This seems sensitive, maybe pushing the circuit into oscillation?

In the pic above I am using my voltmeter, which has recording software, to monitor the signal. I've set the outputs to about 2.4V.

I can clearly see the signal change as I rotate the antenna, so its receiving something. I've adjusted it to max signal. That's pointing off to the NE, so I may indeed be receiving from Skilton, UK.

I'll let it run to night to see if I can record the sunset events.

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